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Project results

The DALFYS project intends to catalyze the attention on the importance of data literacy for students and future workers and to feed the debate and interest through the digital platform, that will be kept open after the end of the project, and where all the main outputs will be accessible for free. 5 intellectual Outputs will be created during the project implementation period:

In order to present the intellectual output produced in the project to all relevant stakeholders a final conference will be organized. The aims of the final conference are two fold: firstly the final conference is a key dissemination event, and it will promote the data literacy approaches in secondary school institutes thus motivating schools but also enterprises in implementing the DALFYS products in the context of data literacy education.

Moreover, the conference will be an event in which the experiences acquired during the piloting phase will be presented thus providing practical examples of how to activate data literacy approaches in secondary schools successfully along with the competence validation system specifically designed to this topic.

Project results will be published in this page.