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Dalfys Educational Content

Welcome to the educational content of the project Dalfys.

In these pages you may find all learning material that could be used for bringing data literacy competences in your classrooms.

The course has been organized in four modules, each of whom is available in the partners’ languages. To access your own language version, please pick you contry flag in the main menu at the top of the page.

Lesson 1 - What is Data Literacy?

Nice to meet you, data!
  • What is data?

  • Data vs opinions: is data neutral?

  • Data and teaching

Where to find data and how to critically assess them
  • Fact-checking and data verification: 3 questions to ask yourself when you meet data

  • Where can I find you, data? Resources and techniques

  • Data Portals

Lesson 2

Understanding your data: format and licenses

  • What is a machine-readable format and why is it important you get your data in such format
  • What is metadata and why is it important
  • Licensed content: what data can you reuse and under what terms

Understanding data visualization

  • The anatomy of a data visualization
  • The use of charts and graphs to present data
  • How charts lie: misleading graphs and how to avoid them

Lesson 3

How to clean your data and why you should do it

  • What is data cleaning and why you need to do it
  • What is in a typical data cleaning checklist
  • Tools and techniques to successfully clean your data

How to perform analysis to find insights in your data

  • From data to insights: what is analytics?
  • How to plot and calculate basic statistics to find insights in your data
  • Analysing data: tips & tricks

Lesson 4

How to communicate your insights with data visualization

  • Planning a dataviz: the basics
  • Planning a dataviz: visual strategies
  • Few tips to design accessible and respectful data visualizations

From planning to crafting: tools for visualizing data

  • Tools for graphs and charts
  • Tools for dashboard