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to the Dalfys project

DAta Literacy competences For Young students towards STEAM education (DALFYS) – is an international strategic partnership for a school education project.

The project will be held in Italy, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Romania and Turkey.

The project will be implemented during 24 months.

The schools play a strategic role in preparing the younger generation for the new digital and technological society and competences in the STEAM fields are strategic in the educational context.

There are several main challenges to face in order to spread relevant competences among learners and teachers and to transform the learning and teaching approach principally during this pandemic period. In particular, the current pandemic has intensified these challenges and forced us to employ in probabilistic reasoning; the statistical illiteracy in schools is today the consequence of the widespread diffusion of incorrect information known by the term “fake news”.

In fact we are living the first global “event” fully data-informed, but people without basic data skills are not capable to interpret and understand pandemic indicators, daily charts and so on, therefore they are not capable of making decisions at large without being fully informed and this lack of statistical interpretation bring people to make many errors. Society would improve if the fundamental ideas of probability theory and statistics were taught in schools because students would grow the capacity of reasoning, a strong means to evaluate and to analyse.

School programs available at European level are lacking a convincing learning and study trajectory oriented towards a “data literacy-based” competence framework.

The educational field is one of the sectors which has been more influenced and involved in this period of health emergency due to the spread of COVID-19. In particular, schools are called to face direct and indirect consequences: on the one hand the need to put distance learning into practice, on the other hand the various problems that arise from it such as the lack of adequate digital skills.

Our project, through the use of the STEAM methodology and the spread of digital pedagogical skills, intends to support many teachers and students to face the challenges presented by this recent global change in the use of new technologies.

Data literacy is a cross-cutting competence which is relevant in all disciplines since data are used in a multitude of domains, mainly from the STEAM framework, but required knowledge, skills and attitudes related to it are dependent on the context. There is a deep gap in the training trajectory between the secondary school programs that have not a strong focus on data literacy and the Higher education programs that are offering degrees and learning paths focused on Data Science.

DALFYS is funded under Call KA203-INDIRE (Italian Agency for E+). Project Reference: 2020-1-IT02-KA226-SCH-095305