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Here we are with the Multiplier Event in Sicily!

The Multiplier Event took place on 24th of February at ITET Caruso headquarter, we a great number of participants (85) and panelists from important istitutions, such as Davide Taibi from the Institute for Educational Technology of the National Research Council of Italy, Domenico Surdi, Mayor of city of Alcamo, and Girolamo Turano Councilor for education and vocational training at Sicilian Region, together with the ITET Caruso Director Vincenza Mione. This meeting was publicized by various means: through brochures, emails, word of mouth among colleagues.

The recipients of the invitation to the Multiplier Event welcomed the proposal to participate in the meeting with great curiosity and interest; in fact, those 85 people (64 locals and 21 foreign) participated in the Multiplier event belonging to different age groups among which the predominant was 35-44. Also, among the people who accepted the invitation there were the families of the school students, as well as professionals in the training sector and company managers.

Participants shared a great interest in attending the event, expressing a desire to explore more of the resources presented, demonstrating the rising interest in Data Literacy as a common field of work beyond specific professions and expertises.

Please find here the event report (.docx).