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What we did in Siauliai, Lithuania

Warm time despite the cold weather! That’s the statement by Dalfys partners after the Transnational Project Meeting in Siauliai, Lithuania. Consortium members worked for two days with plenty of tasks and inspirational moments. First, all partners explained what they have done during the pilots in Lithuania, Italy, Turkey, Romania and Poland, also reporting the wide appreciation gathered from students involved . Secondly, BUPNET presented the preliminary results of the validation process that entails the production of certificates for involved students. Thirdly, Dataninja showcased the results of the piloting survey conducted among nearly 20 teachers and 250 students. Just a few numbers gathered from students in the five  countries involved to expose the piloting impact: 

  • 85% of respondents believe in the usefulness of what they learnt for the future
  • 93,5% of respondents believe that data literacy should be implemented in schools 
  • 86% of respondents state that they acquired new skills and new concepts thanks to Dalfys.

The last part of the meeting in Siauliai has been used to organize the multiplier event in Turkey. The Turkish partner TED Bursa College explained what they are planning to do to involve third-party stakeholders, as ITET Caruso provided suggestions and collected hints from other partners. Now only a few weeks of the project are lasting toward its end. We will use it to emphasize the results and spread the word as much as we can. Let’s work for the final rush.