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Let’s meet each other in Lithuania

Here we are with the new year and the 2023’s meeting of partners. The consortium organized a gathering in Lithuania for 17th and 18th of January, with the kind hospitality provided by Šiaulių Didždvario Gimnazija. The meeting will give the partners the opportunity to share experiences from their own pilots, get feedback from each other and refine all Learning Unit Plans (LUP) for further reuse. Also, a critical point will be the organization of the multiplier event in Turkey. It will take place in February and it will be designed to involve third-party stakeholders in order to spread project results and promote the reuse of the Dalfys methodologies and outputs. Ted Bursa Koleji, the Turkish partner that will run the multiplier event, will work together with the project coordinator ITET Caruso in order to fulfill all event’s expected results. 

Finally, the meeting in Lithuania will also be the occasion for summarizing all project aspects toward the Dalfys end.