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What a wordeful pilots!

Four school partners and the Teacher Training and Testing Center Dc Edukacja oversaw handling their lessons with students. The secondary schools involved in the project and our Polish partner were asked to pilot the approach and resources developed and to report on their experience. The partners asked to lead the pilot in their classes were free to design different types of pilots, according to their needs and students’ interest and following the learning Unit plan developed in the IO4.

Nearly 250 students were part of the piloting phase, doubling the expected number of 120 expected students, and their acquired competences were assessed and validated along the DALFYS validation approach. Each partner supported the schools to explain the project’s activities and plan together the pilots. One of the most successful aspects of the piloting was the students’ active role and involvement due to the creation of the multimedia products expected at the end of each phase of the LUP. Therefore, the students were given enough freedom to create the different components of the final product by themselves. Furthermore, the methodologies used, such as the Flipped Classroom, Cooperative Learning, Collaborative Making, etc., have made the whole learning process more varied, dynamic, and less boring.