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Lesson plan and learning units, now we have it!

Great news from the Dalfys project! In the past weeks (and months) partners worked a lot to shape the educational offering of the project. The first news is that Dataninja has created a basic course focused on Data Literacy, composed of four modules. The course has been released within the project website under a specific section called Dalfys Educational Content. Here all partners can learn the basics of data literacy, as well as they can use this content to teach data to their students. The content has been created in English, and all partners have been asked to translate it in their own languages in order to facilitate non-English-speaking colleagues to learn those data basics. At the same time, thanks to the guidance of the project coordinator ITET Girolamo Caruso, all school partners worked to define their lesson plans and the specific learning units. These learning unit plans have been paired with the selected competences and it will inform the whole teaching process during the piloting phase. More to come, stay tuned!